Monthly Archives: July 2018

digging in

I dug in and did it.  The window and door are now sealed (inexpertly, messily) with auto seam sealer.


  • cleaned the window and door frames with a dry brush
  • applied sealer with a chipping brush
  • skimmed the bead with a scraper to smooth it
  •  cleaned a shit-ton of sealer off my arms and hands


  • drove to the lumber yard and bought two chipping brushes, some eco-friendly tar remover, and an aluminum ladder (anyone want to buy a “Little Giant” ladder?  It’s too heavy for me.)
  • spent at least an hour getting the old flashing tape off of the window frame
  • used five of the six razor blades that came with the scraper, dulling four and breaking one
  • got eco-friendly solvent on my arms, splashed some on my boobs
  • washed the window area with Dr. Bronner’s, rinsed it, dried it
  • applied sealant nearly everywhere I thought it would do some good
  • noted some spots with poor adhesion, accepted that I might have to do some areas again, just not today
  • washed myself by pouring cold water over me – working naked has its perks
  • packed up and headed to the lodge to teach/supervise rock painting

I am spent.  And I’m fairly certain I may have to do this over again.  Let’s just hope the weather report is accurate, at least where rain is concerned.  I will humbly redo the sealant if I have to, but in case the Weather is listening, let’s not have any rain for a few days.  Thanks.


Next:  attach the vertical furring strips to the container with Liquid Nails and perhaps one screw atop each for extra hold.

Then it’s on to SIDING! (It’s the ultimate task of the summer.  All others pale in comparison.)

Soon thereafter, or concurrently, I must install and plumb the sink.  What luxury we’ll have then.