Been too long.

Wow, seriously?  I haven’t updated since the 11th?  Dang.

The cabana is up, mostly, due to the generous help of Barb Brown.  The roof isn’t on, but everything else looks great.

Interior-wise, the countertops are assembled.  One is waxed, and the other soon will be. Once that’s done, they will be affixed with brackets and ready to use.  Oh, wait.  The sink has to go in, and for that, I’ll need to cut a big ol’ hole.  Soon.

I built two wall shelf units to go above the counters.  Over the sink, I’ll keep dishes and storage containers.  Over the prep counter, I’ve put pantry items and coffee cups.  Because: coffee.

The big bed (full-size) went in last night.  I can’t really describe the farce that was my mom and I stuffing that mattress into her Forester.  It was like birthing a baby in reverse.  I got into the back cargo area.  My feet were braced against the wheel wells and I pulled while my mom pushed the mattress into the car.  I’m sure it looked ridiculous.  But it worked!  After spending a night on it, though, I have realized that it’s way too soft, and I need something firmer.  Later.

On the advice of the Lake’s resident fabricator, I’ve purchased some automotive seam sealer to seal the welds around my window and door frames.  I didn’t know that welds are porous and will, eventually, leak.  Hmm.  Wish I’d known that a long time ago, but, onward.

After everything is sealed, the siding goes on. It’ll happen.  I know it will.


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