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my someday vibe

Wabi-sabi future flats.









what’s done and left

– container is livable
– sink works
– cat door is in
– electricity works
– Envi heater kicks thermodynamic butt
– garden is ready for new plants

– gravel patio – more gravel, wood border
– door and window exterior framing (might rehang the door altogether)
– lighting fixtures
– magazine rack or shallow shelves from hot tub wood
– drawers in sink cabinet, one for linens, one for silverware
– cafe curtains for the door windows (four of them)
– siding
– housewarming!

de episke hyller

The epic shelves.  I’ve wanted something like them for a number of years, but I’ve finally gotten as close as I can get.  Massive 2-by-10s, over four feet long got new life today.

We came into these pine planks a year or two ago; I somehow knew to hold on to them for their eventual higher purpose.  Holding on to them consisted of propping them up against the back end of my container to be rained on and crawled across and muddied.

I had to dry the planks before anything else could happen.  Glen built a fire in the wood stove and we propped three planks nearby, turning them once to effectively take advantage of the BTUs.  By the morning, the planks were dry.

I trimmed the ends and sanded all surfaces.  Another re-use opportunity, because I used the sand paper belts from a now-defunct-and-discarded belt sander.  I made sure to sand lightly, because I wanted to preserve a decent amount of the silvered patina. It totally worked!


— Interlude —

When you buy a particular item, you sometimes don’t realize all the uses, right?  Well, when I bought that paraffin hand dip, I had no idea I would use it to melt wax for shelves.

— /Interlude —

Yep, I used liquid paraffin and an old paint brush to coat the shelves with wax.  It quickly hardened.  When all sides were encased, I used the Pampered Chef pan scraper to take off the majority of the wax.  This worked, uh, sorta okay.  This second method worked more smoothly: I used the clothes iron to melt the wax, quickly following the iron with a rag to absorb the excess paraffin.  It turned out really well!  And so much better than spending three weeks breathing VOCs from Varathane™.

A third shelf will go up when time and energy allow.  I love having room for pantry items and dishes.  Might just make a plate holder rack with scrap strips and some leftover IKEA wooden dowel plugs.

(Then I’m going to shoot this squirrel.  Beulah, go to sleep!)