…that erst were mute

“For now the fragrant flowers do spring
and sprout in seemly sort …”*

Despite recent sun-with-frost, the plants here are pretty much of one mind: spring is here. I’ve got hopeful lupines already growing, and green sprouts at the bottom of the hydrangea’s old canes. The lavender never actually packed it in last fall, the trooper.

Because the ground has frozen a few times, now is a great time to get out the plants I don’t want. I love turning over soil that has columns of dirt left over from the frost. I love the big air spaces.

The strip in front of the big house will remain largely as it is, with lavender, lupines, and dozens of volunteer California poppies, cornflowers, and other wildflowers. The odd sunflower may remain, but I’ll be sure to sow more of those, too. And the hydrangea, well, she’ll come back better than ever.

I know it’s premature, but I would love to mow and edge the leeds (lawn + weeds = leeds). If I were healthier, and in less pain, I would do so much to get the yard in shape. I mean, if we move in 4 years, this place needs to look shipshape, right? 🙂

Another thing I’d love to do is transfer some of the expensive soil from the old garden plot and put it in all the usual plots. I mean, I paid for it, and the plants are always fighting so much rocky soil.

As for the container plot, there will be sunflowers for sure. I know there is a columbine coming up already, and the honeysuckle and clematis are reliable summer performers. lily of the valley may be defunt, sad face. Might also get a foxglove back from last year. The Wildflower mix might be good, too. I think it’s time to amend the soil, fertilize, and really fill the plot with color.

The side garden, where last year I finally got a purple coneflower (echinacea) to grow, and where a huge millet plant dominated the skyline all summer and fall, is really tough to keep free of other plants. Granted, the nettles, blackberries and ferns were there first, and I tried to overrule them. Without a tiller, it just can’t be done.

And so I either toil or let it be. There are beautiful iris thingies from Isie that I think I will move to the bed in front, or split between the container bed and the front bed. Then I can plant random native wild things and let the whole thing go haywire according to the higher order.

* So opens the master work “Songs from The Knight of the Burning Pestle” by PDQ Bach, aka Peter Schickele.


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