Monthly Archives: December 2014

three weeks in

SLEEPING: I’ve been sleeping in my cabin for about three weeks now. The outdoor temps at night have ranged from 18°F to 45°F, and I’ve been comfortable any time the temp is above freezing. Some nights I’ve had to use the electric blanket and sometimes had to add a hot pad. But once the bed is warm, I can turn all of that off and sleep very comfortably. In fact, having the cold air to breathe while I’m under the covers seems to be helping my sleep quality. And it’s dark and quiet out here.

WORKING: There is a lot of stuff in my cabin, and I often find myself moving several things in order to get to tools, or supplies, or out the door. However, I haven’t really been efficient in my storage scheme and I need to put as much as I can under the bed loft. So yes, I can do things, but I am somewhat thwarted.

FITNESS: I can see that the couch/bed is taking up too much space, especially considering that I seldom have visitors. If they came over, I’d just give them the Poang and I’d sit on the desk chair. A better use of the space would be morning yoga. And afternoon yoga. Or ball exercises, or whatever. I remember that when I first lived in West Seattle, I had a yoga mat in the basement laundry room, where I would listen to a yoga tape and do the best I could. I’d have enough space if I nixed the couch/bed. I’m sure I have a friend who could use it.

CONSTRUCTION: The project is at a point where I can see most of my mistakes. I can be hasty when I want to “just be done, damn it!” and while I know it’s bad when I’m doing it, I can seldom calm myself down enough to talk myself out of it.

ANNOUNCER: “Doing things twice: twice the time, twice the expense, and twice the learning!”

That’s exactly right.

YARD: The yard needs to be tidied up, and all unused or unusable things taken to the dump. It should have been done a while ago, but life intervened. As soon as we’re both well enough, we’ll tackle it. For now, rain-covered construction debris lurks around the back of the can, and various other areas have their own little piles of blech. We may not have our dream house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little pride in what we do have. I just want it to look like someone cares, and I know we do. Time to muster the motivation as soon as we are cleared to do it.

And with that, I shall attempt to get some shut-eye, up here in the bed loft, with my big black (kitty) boyfriend curled up at my feet. Life is good.