Yes, here they are, the pictures of the interior of the escape hatch. Understand that this is a work in progress. Overall, it’s pretty fuckin’ cool, but I still have plans for it! If I had to live in it full time, I would put in a wet bath (a concrete floor pan with a drain in the floor) with a toilet, a shower and a sink. For now, I’m living every girl’s dream: sleeping in a 50° room and peeing into a Home Depot five-gallon bucket in the middle of the night. Admit it. You are totes jelly. ENJOY THE PICS!! Hover over each tile to see the caption, and click on thumbnails to embiggen, enlarge, or otherwise magnify.


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Buddha-tista flexi-libertine who has begun further travels by becoming her own karmic bellhop. View all posts by karmic bellhop

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