Yes, through valiant effort and the assistance of my ManCandy™, the bed loft is up and the bed is ready. I’m lying in it right now.

First off, I must apologize to Glen for being so frustrated. As always, it was not with him. I am trying to figure out why, when I have his help for a project, I become instantly frustrated with my own failings, and then I take it out on him. I don’t treat others this way. If I’m frustrated with them or with my inability to complete something, I usually just take a time out. But when I’m with my husband, I feel myself judging what I’m doing, and I snap at him. I startle more easily. Tonight I’m afraid I ran him off with my startle response. There’s a heartfelt letter on his computer.

The bed loft is sturdy. It’s as if the bed is flat on the ground. Now that it’s up, I’m able to get a much better idea of what space is left over for the rest of the layout.



I forgot how inconvenient it is to get down from a loft bed when you need a drink or a pee or whatever. Nonetheless, I think the bed is super, and I’m looking forward to having a few slumber parties out here with the hubby.

I wasn’t expecting the floor to be so cold, but let’s face it: it’s uninsulated and I haven’t put down the rugs yet. I’m also barefoot, and the temp is supposed to be something like 37°F tonight. The heater is noisy – I need one of those oil-filled ones. They radiate very well. There are no curtains yet, because I still have to trim out the windows and door, so there’s another source of cold. There is a small leak in the window, but that will soon be solved with some spray foam and finish trim outside. You know, I should be grateful for the slight chill in here. It will counteract my hot flashes quite nicely.

I moved the mattress out to the container by myself. It was not too difficult. I used the trailer, which I must say I was able to back up with relative success. It takes a few tries, but I always wind up putting it where I want it. I would say it’s more about perseverance than instinct or skill, though.

I need to build a step-stool/storage cube thing. I won’t want to use the step ladder to get into bed for very long.

Now where’s that chamber pot?


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