Monthly Archives: October 2014

back inside

Thanks to Tom, my container has wall paneling. And a ceiling. And samples of suggested molding. I am over the moon to finally be holed up in the can again, working hard and reptriating all my tools and benches and shelves and paint cans.

As mentioned in the last update, Varathane is the first task. It will be messy. It will be smelly. Since I am getting a later start than would be ideal — summer would have been perfect — it will take a while to dry. We’ve had moderate-to-hard rain for several days. Space heater and crossed fingers. And have I ever talked about how much I hate working above my head? With a paint brush? Yeah, that.

While that dries, I can pick out small 1/4 round trim for along the ceiling seams. Because the framing is so, uh, variable in its placement, smaller is better. It needs to flex in order to cover the seam. It’s also time to trim out the door and window, which I’ll do in hemlock, in a very simple pattern like I’ve seen in summer camps and nice cabins:

And mama has a mitre saw, so those cuts will all purty-like.

Oh, and I don’t know Thing One about exterior trim. That’ll be a whole new adventure.

I set up the metal shelves to get an idea of size and placement. They’ll be good. I have three that will fit, with room for a clothes bar. My bike might fit under there, but I’m not so sure how I’ll feel wheeling it in and out every time I want something from the closet. (Hint – probably will be frustrated, might need a plan B for the bike.)

In order to move my bedroom out there, all I need right now (beside the above-mentioned bits) is the bed riser and the lights. I’m ON IT.


container update

Rainy-day recess for me! You mean I have a whole day to putter, blunted and soft-filtered by carbs and adult bevs? Yes! Updates a-plenty.

CONTAINER UPDATE: After getting some money together, I have decided to hire someone to install the birch plywood paneling. I won’t be able to do it, even on my best day, let’s just face that. At $24.95 for each panel, my do-overs would be fairly costly. I’ll gladly let my friend’s dad git ‘r’ done.

Once the paneling is up, I will varnish/seal/Varathane it. After that dries, I’ll work on sealing the window and doors, trimming them inside and out, building the bed platform and painting it black. Shelves will be set up under the bed, and I am pretty sure I can fit my bicycle under there, too. Two Ikea heavy curtain panels will be cut in two horizontally and will serve as curtains for the bed chamber and the shelf area.

I’m really looking forward to the details. I’ll be creating whimsical light-switch plate covers from the leftover birch plywood, magazines, paint, and Mod-Podge. I’ve got two pendant lamps and two track lights that will look stunning once I put them in. (I have to wire them myself, eek!) I’m working on several small embroidery projects and one larger one. Small is really where it’s at, because wall space will be at a premium.

I’d also like to head over to the ReStore and check out cabinets. If I can get two or three cabinet bodies that are in good shape, I can make plywood doors for them, or leave them open-faced. That said, it would also be nice to find a few antique-y or kitschy cupboards with original doors and knobs, and paint them funky colors. I’d hang them just below ceiling level, allowing room on top for blankets or other long, slim things.

Oh, and I have to dye the couch-cushion covers black. The brown worked a long time ago, but “let’s face it Mack, that basic black is coming back”.