Monthly Archives: September 2014

defeat is my victory.

I admit it. I can’t install my ceiling. My shoulder and neck will have none of this working-over-my-head business. Working with my loving husband doesn’t work because I get all frustrated and I yell and it’s just Not Nice.

I am hiring someone.

And suddenly, with that decision, the pressure is off. I still feel like I want to get this thing over and done, and start the best part which is, of course, decorating and arranging things.

Make it so.


order up: shelves

Speaking of order, I assembled a third set of metal shelves in my container. Now I have a skinny one from IKEA, and a five-footer and a six-footer from Home Depot. All of my tools, gardening equipment, sewing supplies and extraneous things have a home. I’m starting to realize my vision of my container as, among other things, a huge walk-in closet for my creativity. No clothes, just stuff, and a place to work on and use the stuff.