doors fourthed

doors fourthed

What a day. Well, six hours’ worth of a day. I’m done.

Work commenced outside at 9:30am, preceded by an hour of housework, of course. I’ve really let the place go this week while focusing on the project.

It was overcast all day, and muggy. I went outside to plan out my workday. Sanding came first, second, and third. I sanded down all the filled areas from yesterday. I sanded all remaining paint specks off as best I could; I decided that whatever tiny bits are left will lend the door character, an homage to its past. Finally, I sanded the inside edges of the exterior window frames. I will not lie: this was a bitch. There is still some paint in the corners despite my use of the palm sander and two self-devised sanding tools for tiny spaces. At this point, both doors is what they is. Both are sanded to an 80-grit finish.

Once I was really sure I’d sanded all sides and edges of both doors, I took a shower break. And ate an apple and some almond butter for lunch. (Seriously – I’m so into this project that I’m not eating like a pig, and it’s kind of cool.) I redressed myself in a tank and skort and went out to decide the next steps.

Turns out I decided to organize everything. Tools were strewn about the yard, so I put them back in the toolbox or on shelves. There was garbage everywhere; I picked up the discarded sand paper squares. I threw away the entire plastic garbage can I’d used for collecting the gelatinous paint scrapings. I brought the Subaru over and towed the trailer back to the house. The garbage can went back to its place. I swept the sanding dust out of the container and made room for the lumber. The lumber is all inside now, safe from the expected rains. Finally, I raised the doors into place and tonight I’ll tape the tarp to the container opening.

Now I’ve had my second shower of the day, and plan to relax indoors (or at least do anything but sanding and scraping). Here is the end product of my efforts:



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