Monthly Archives: January 2014

into the box (“back in bowl”)

My squirrel needs both routine and unfettered creative time. Too little structure and I’m constantly agitated; too much same-old same-old and I’m depressed from holding in my unrealized poppin’ fresh projects.

I am not sure about the wisdom of the idea, but I am re-inspired to make a container cabin. I had postponed the idea in deference to our mutual semi-retirement goals in four years. Now it seems that my partial, self-imposed (self-created?) loss of independence is just as dangerous and frustrated as anything I’ve done.

My very patient husband supports the idea of a project of this magnitude. Eventually, we will either add the cabin modules to a larger container house, or keep them as a cabin or guest area or studio [or insert whatever fits in 360 square feet).

I found a website that has put all the planning and sourcing information in one place. There are checklists (happy, hand-clapping squirrel squee!) and a lot of wisdom from architects, planners, designers and other creative and bureaucratic types.

I’d like to purchase a second 20-foot container, used, from the local container guy. It must still be wind and water tight, but can have damage to one long and one short wall as long as the frame is square and sound. The two walls are going to be taken out and replaced with a large window (short wall) and nothing (long wall, which will communicate with container #1.

Challenges (money excepted) will be to further level the area, clear brush, and have the container delivered in such a way that it can be securely butted up against the first one. This may involve the rental of a forklift and perhaps the creation of a gravel pad so the forklift doesn’t sink in our soggy back yard. After the containers are sealed together, it’s all interior work done on my own timeline. It would be nice to get the spray insulation done before the end of August.

Gotta keep doing, gotta keep learning. Gotta practice reining in my automatic frustration responses to things. Gotta accept that I will spend money to avoid making newbie mistakes.

Dreaming of my outdoor shower and tiny home.