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doubts 2013

Container: working and not working. I need to put in the framing, but I keep putting it off, partly because I am afraid of the parts that come next (the wiring and the insulation). I have no confidence that I will figure out how to do the wiring. I hate to ask friends for help, because they do these things in their professional lives. Also, connecting the studs to the hollow beam near the ceiling was, I recall from previous work, a major pain in the ass. Even without the framing and insulation, I am able to use it for a project space. I like that.



Thanks to the helpful hardware man at Ace this morning, I was able to find exactly the right paint for my window frame. Over the window, rust started to build on it, and I knew I had to protect it somehow. The somehow is galvanizing paint. It has 93% zinc in it, so it sticks and protects. No primer. After about a half hour with the grinding wheel/brush, I painted it and it looks uniform and clean.